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Update (March 25th 2009): Instead of an enhancement to this tool a completely new tool is developed ground up which can be located at: How ever for a developer for continuous debugging which involves uploading once and updating many times I recommend the below tool itself.

Project Description
This tool is an effort towards helping all those who are working on InfoPath Forms with SharePoint. It helps to upload/install, re-install, upgrade a form template with just a click of the button. The tool also can help in generating a script/batch file so that you can run it man

Deployment of Managed InfoPath Form Templates into SharePoint environment involves multiple steps as laid down below. The below steps are specific to the Managed Form Templates. (Managed Form Templates are the forms which has business logic attached with a code behind and they are fully trusted forms).
  1. Publish the form to a shared/network location. It's a multiple step wizard done using the InfoPath forms application itself.
  2. Verify its browser compatible while uploading to InfoPath managed templates in Central Admin.
  3. Upload to InfoPath managed templates found in Central Administration.
  4. Wait for the WSS timer service to complete the upload process and set the status to 'complete'.
  5. SharePoint administrator should activate it for a particular site where the developer want to use it.
  6. Wait for the WSS timer service to compelete the activattion process and make it ready.
For more details about these steps, please and

Reason behind developing this tool
The above process of uploading will work if the number of form templates are very few. But what if there are around 20 or 50 or even more than 100 form templates to be deployed? It becomes even more worse when you have to deploy in multiple environments (staging, pilot & production). The quick solution for this is to automate the above tasks using the stsadm.exe operations. I blogged in detail about this:
I went even further and developed this tool using which you can do the following:
  • Verify form template
  • Install/Reinstall/Upgrade form template
  • Generate the batch/script file.
  • Manage features
    • Filtered view of activated/deactivated features
    • Activate a feature
    • Deactivate a feature
    • Uninstall a feature
  • Supported by xml config file to set some default values

Enhancements to be released
Below are the items still under development:
  • Create a SharePoint form library and enable the library to inherit a form content type.
  • Associate an uploaded form template with a form library.
  • Other settings (remove New Folder, Open in browser etc)

Below is the screenshot of the tool:

You can visit my blog @

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